The IBSA ECOSYSTEM aims to create an ecosystem of digital products backed by a single multi-utility token, IBSToken. As the world evolves into block chain technology, keeping different cryptocurrencies for different use cases is unnecessarily stressful. It’s almost impossible to choose a single token for all of your Service, education, , communication, travel & health needs.

IBSToken is a multi-purpose community token backed by an immersive ecosystem to make lives easier. It is a single token for multiple products and apps; it becomes profitable to earn rewards by creating and consuming content, learning and communicating with your loved ones. The goal is to create the ultimate ecosystem for education, communications, fashion and many more. We aim to be the leading innovator in the block chain industry, backed by some of the industry’s most experienced players. The IBSToken is a digital asset running on Binance smart chain(BEP-20) and Polygon (Matic) platform native to the IBSA ( International Block chain Service & Academy) ecosystem. It is a utility token designed to provide the IBSToken ecosystem benefits and access to appealing opportunities in the digital asset space.

The IBSToken was created to allow anyone, regardless of technical ability, to use it effectively, while also making it more accessible and understandable to the average person. It is necessary to bring block chain technology to the masses through simple ecosystems that provide tangible benefits to the market while requiring no technical knowledge from the end-user. As a utility token, IBSToken allows users worldwide to use various digital products and offers multiple incentives to encourage the use of the platform, such as discounts and loyalty rewards. In general, block chain technology has demonstrated its utility in any application that currently requires a centralized ledger.

This Whitepaper discusses how block chain technology can address the problem of using multiple tokens for multiple products every day. In addition, It also discusses the unique features the IBSToken ecosystem has to offer that make it stand out from any other block chain innovation out there.

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